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Self-Authored Articles


Fair Planet

Fields and Stations, Issue 4

Grinnell Magazine: Summer 2015 (p. 40-41) | Spring 2014 (p. 30-31)

IP Journal: Munich Olympics | Pussy Riot

kimkim: Norway itineraries  12 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Less Than a Shoestring

Touring Bird: Berlin | Cologne | Düsseldorf | Hamburg | Kyoto | Madrid | MunichPrague | Tokyo | Vienna

Urban Sports Club: created all English microtext copy for beta app


Berlin Policy Journal

Protectors of the Truth by Rina Soloveitchik | original [DE]

The Last European by Andreas Rinke | original [DE]

Words Don’t Come Easy by Richard Fraunberger

Absent Friend by Michaela Wiegel | original [DE]

Aiming High by Andreas Rinke

Negotiating Weltmeister by Andreas Rinke | original [DE]

An Expanded Focus by Stefan Meister

Infographics Group (now Sapera)

Forthcoming (2021): The World Explained in 264 Infographics by Jan Schwochow et al.

Autobahn | Berlin Airlift | Faberge Eggs | Gold | Oil | Yellow Fleet

IP Journal (now Berlin Policy Journal)

Chasing a Chimera by Stefan Meister | original [DE]

Taking Stock for Germany by Sylke Tempel| original [DE]

The Curse of Resources by Ralf Fücks | original [DE]

Doha Still the Silver Bullet by Claudia Schmucker | original [DE]

“There is No Legal Black Hole”: Interview with international law expert Andreas Zimmermann | original [DE]

The End of Germany’s Sonderweg by Andreas Rinke | original [DE]

“We Need More Europe!”: Interview with Markus Kerber, director general of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) | original [DE]

Germany and the Dictators by Guido Steinberg | original [DE]

Traders and Negotiators by Lutz Güllner | original [DE]

Internationale Politik, in cooperation with the Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs

Mercator Fellowship 2015 reports (2016) | original [DE]

Internationale Politik, in cooperation with the Alfred Herrhausen Society

The Return of the Outside World: An Interview with Janusz Reiter (pp. 27-31) | original [DE] (pp. 27-31)


Hungary in the Media, 2010-14 by DGAP’s Working Group on Hungary | original [DE]

Political Consulting in the Early Federal Republic by Estelle Bunout | original [DE]

Full-Service (Translation, Editing, and Layout)

German Marshall Fund of the United States

Three Years into the Refugee Displacement Crisis: Where Does Germany Stand? by Timo Tonassi & Astrid Ziebarth

Transatlantic Policy Challenges of the Digital Energy Nexus by Peter Chase & Kristina Berzina

Conservative, Comprehensive, Ambitious, or Realistic? Assessing EU Defense Strategy Approaches by Christian Mölling & Daniel Keohane

Women in International Studies Deutschland

15th Anniversary Conference: designed, translated, and edited all conference print materials

Website Content Development (Translation and Editing)

Utopia | original [DE]

Clemens Schirmer, DDS: Berlin Family Dental Practice | original [DE]

Film (Transcription and Translation)

You&Me: Ruralink documentary on youth in rural communities across Europe

IMOscore technical training app

Fair in the Air travel reimbursement service advertisement

Copy-Edited Editions

Allianz Summer Academy

Overcoming European Divides (2018)

Europe at a Turning Point (2016)

Internationale Politik, in cooperation with the Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs

Mercator Fellowship 2015 (2016) | original [DE]

Internationale Politik, in cooperation with the Alfred Herrhausen Society

Europe: Dream and Reality

Testing Experience

Tooling and Fooling: What Should I Take Care of? (September 2013)

Agile Record

Distributed Team Management (Issue 15)

Academic Publishing Support (Structural and Copy Editing, Bibliography)

Forthcoming (2021): Singing Like Germans: Black Musicians in the Land of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, historical monograph by Kira Thurman

The Quest for Good Governance, policy monograph by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi

German Marshall Fund of the United States

Absent Influencers? Women in European Think Tanks by Rosa Balfour, Corinna Hörst, Pia Hüsch, Sofiia Shevchuk, and Eleonora del Vecchio

Safeguarding Digital Democracy: Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative Roadmap by Karen Kornbluh and Ellen P. Goodman

Journal of the American Musicological Society

The German Lied and the Songs of Black Volk by Kira Thurman

Journal of World History

Singing the Civilizing Mission in the Land of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms: The Fisk Jubilee Singers in Nineteenth-Century Germany by Kira Thurman

Developmental Editing and Translation

Forthcoming (2021): Modern German Food from a Berlin Kitchen, a cookbook by Kit Schulte

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