Meet Hilary


IMG_1532An academic by training, Hilary is a master at information gathering and textual synthesis.  She has a keen ability to identify audiences and craft directed messages for them.

Her passions include U.S. and European politics, sustainability, travel, tourism, and culture.  When she’s not writing for you, Hilary’s writing about Berlin, editing political analyses, reading about it all, and experiencing it on her travels. She has over 20 years of experience as an author, editor, and designer for various publications.

Based in Germany’s capital, Hilary is an American English native speaker who also speaks fluent German and Russian, with reading knowledge of French and Polish.

Around here, Hilary’s responsible for writing, editing, photography, customer acquisition, correspondence, billing, IT questions, and website maintenance. She also makes a mean cup of tea. And don’t get us started on her brownies.