eurocheapologo When it comes to maximizing travel experiences on minimal budgets, Hilary knows what she’s talking about. I enjoyed reading her pieces for years before hiring her myself to tackle Berlin posts for EuroCheapo. Her pieces have been a joy to publish — and to edit. (I am always pleased to find writers who require very little editing!) Hilary continues to come up with fun, interesting, and relevant ways for travelers to see more for less. — Thomas Meyers, editor


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logo_testing_experiencelogo_agile_recordHilary has an exceptional ability to quickly edit and improve the articles written by international software experts for our magazines Agile Record and Testing Experience.  Our authors are very impressed with her thorough and helpful focus on each contribution.  Her professional edits help our readers better understand content on some of the most challenging industry concepts.  Thank you for being so easy to work with and for your amazing contribution to our publications! — Kyle Siemens, media & events, Díaz and Hilterscheid Unternehmensberatung GmbH

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